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fashion district

Celebrities at the Strang

Let the Strand Hotel be your entrée to the fashion capital of the United States.  No matter how you refer to it - the Fashion District, the Garment District or the Garment Center - the neighborhood extending from 34th to 47th Streets and Fifth Avenue to Ninth Avenue has been known as the world’s epicenter for fashion manufacturing and design since the early 20th century.

This one-square-mile area is home to the majority of New York’s showrooms and major fashion labels, not to mention its biggest design talents (and some might say egos).  For business in the local area, the Strand Hotel puts you in the center of it all.  Steps from the major fashion houses, flagship retail stores and wholesalers and an easy walk from Penn Station. 

For guests who would like to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, our Concierge can arrange specialized tour guides who can take you places in the Fashion District usually restricted to industry professionals and insiders.


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